Sunday, April 08, 2007


I’ve am broken. I am tarnished. I am different. I am wrong. I am unacceptable. I am a freak, pushed out for being me. Am I a discarded piece of garbage? A machine that doesn’t work? A plaything to be strewn across the ground forgotten and hated?


I am a puppet. A hat glued to my head, bright red feather wisping proudly as the air swishes past the wood finish. My overalls of brilliant blue corduroy, and shiny buttons. I look brand new. I look unused, in excellent condition.

The child walks up. He looks, eyes glistening in awe.

“For me?” He says.
“Yes for you”

He looks, he searches, and slowly his smile fades. He gets frustrated, something unexpected is happening and he doesn’t know what to do.

“The puppets not a puppet.” He says.
“What do you mean?”
“He’s not a puppet!” He replies.
“He’s a puppet dear.”
“No he’s not!” He glares.

A few more moments pass. The child reassesses. He wasn’t wrong. This puppet isn’t a puppet.

“where is It” He thinks, “Its not here and it should be.” The child looks once more. His hand can’t find it. No depression no compartment, nothing.

“Where’s the hole?” he demands.
“What hole?”
“THE hole!”
“He doesn’t have a hole.”
“He doesn’t have a hole.”
“But he’s a puppet?
“But he doesn’t have a hole?”

Disbelief. Did he hear right? Not have a hole? What kind of puppet doesn’t have a hole? He doesn’t have strings , rods, cables, there’s no remotes. What then?

“How does he work?” he asks.
“How does he work.” He repeats.
“I don’t understand.”
“How does he work! Where’s the hole, the strings? He’s a puppet! He isn’t doing what puppets do!” he yells
“And what do puppets do?”
“They… you know.”


“They… they’re told… told what to do. He’s not doing what I want him to do.”
“What do you want him to do?”
“I want him dance. He’s not a good puppet if he doesn’t dance.”
“Why don’t you ask him?”
“You don’t ask puppets things.” He retorts.
“Well he’s that kind of puppet.”
“What kind of puppet?”
“The kind of puppet who requires asking.”
“That’s stupid.”

A broken puppet. A tarnished puppet. A different puppet. He does as he chooses. He…I am not an automaton. I am not here to cater to you and I do not do what I do because of anyone but myself. I respect those who respect. And for all your attempts to waylay my actions onto motives not my own, it is you who are the problem. You lay comfortably in your world of self-delusion, you convince yourself its not you, that its me. I laugh, and you should to. If only you could step outside of yourself, if only you could hear yourself. Those same attributes, the ones you despise, they are but a reflection of you. It does not matter that you criticize those attributes in me first, because they still exist in you. It does not matter that you feel better when you believe me a mime, a parrot only saying back to you what you said to me, because the evil you fight still exists in you. I laugh, and so should you. Hypocrites to the end, you and I.

But its okay, this the way it’s been from the dawn of days and it’s the way it will stay until the end of days. Why can’t it change? Because no one will let it, and I am done disillusioning myself into believing it will change. I am done taking it in silence, because that only serves to make it worse. I am done fighting it, because that only serves to make it worse. I am done with double standards. There is nothing I can do, because any action, even the absence of action is wrong. In your pluralistic world of hate I have no option but to be myself, because it is the only reminisce of sanity left for me.

But still you push and you push. And finally you get what you want, a monster. Because you think that if I resemble something inhuman, that something you’ve been accusing me of then perhaps you will be justified in your actions. I am but a means to and end for you, I am your refusal, your confirmation that you are the ultimate right. I don’t laugh, and neither should you. Never again shall I allow myself to subtend my ethics, my cherished morals for you. Find your answers elsewhere. Seek your selfish desires elsewhere. Delude your self-elsewhere. I gave myself to you, and you spat in my face. Don’t come near me again, don’t pretend its okay. Maybe one day I can forgive you. But only after I forgive myself.

I am sorry my puppet master, I am not you, I will not do for you, I am my own entity. You will not see it; you will refuse to see it. But…
What is a broken puppet… but a real boy?

Monday, January 29, 2007

About time I updated

Well I figure it was about time that I updated this blog again... damn you facebook for sucking my time! But I think the one thing I have get out of the way is semestor 1 marks. Officially they're coming in friday... but I'm going to say that 2 marks, chemistry and allgeo, will be bad... philosophy and english should be good barring any last minute weird nutbar happenings. Sigh... hopefully calculess and physics will make universities actually like me. If only I didn't have the hardest english/math/chem teachers and had the alternative choices whose classes are getting much better marks.

Well thats out of the way, so onto what i'm doing with myself. I'm learning to play the guitare. Firstly because to sum up all harmonica instruction: "listen to music and try to play along, and hope you get good" (instead of spray and pray, its play and pray). Secondly, no one in this house actually likes the sound of my poor old harmonica... so Jenn shoved a guitare in my hand and told me to play it. (albiet I had asked her over Christmas and we just never got around to it). So that is going as well as can be expected, just trying to grow the calleouses on my fingers so it doesn't hurt so much. I'm also trying to play two types of songs, a strumming of the beatles, and a picking of mad world. (both of which are beyond me level, though I do recgonize and can play the madworld tune, its just to fast for my unskilled hands). Maybe if i'm lucky my friends will have some guitares out next semestor and I can royally bug the hell out of cafe kids with my incesent mediocore playing abilities >=D.

In other news, I have completely cleaned and rearranged my room. Currently I have one completely bare wall, and my bed/"the underneath" still needs to be cleaned and moved against that wall, but i've actually managed to make something worthwhile out of my room. I figure that i'm still going to use other places to do homework, but that my room will have jenn's keyboard/guitare/my music stand set up and a drafting table (being the artsy that I am). For the most part it can become a little studio onto itself and when I leave those crazy kids (parental units) can maybe do something in it. I'm also trying to clean out the basement so mom can start jewellery (sure there are alterative motives, but in the upcoming age of first world consumerism even if all four of us had kids, it will only be 1-2 kids. Furthermore, there would be way to many goddamn toys anyways... So I'm thinking we sell stuff on ebay,since it might actually be worth something, or give it to poor needy kids. If Chirstmas was a sign of whats to come we're going to buy your kid his damn toys anyways... because fisher price/ Toys'R'Us owns your impulse buying SOUL!). But to each his own... I packrat dirty greasy things, so long as they have some type of mechanical intricasy that I find fascinating and can see myself using to build something else (has never actually materialized my plans in this way but owell). But everyone has agreed the basement needs to be cleaned, and the only way it will be done is if someone starts throwing shit away... and if I don't tell you, you won't miss it... you don't even go down there anyways. I think if we don't get rid of the lego, we should at least get rid of the 70's toys... they are really outdated. So my proposal is you compile a list of what you want to keep... and at least in that way if you can't think of something then I know it doesn't mean that much to you... and then from your priorities we can throw them into a random storage space somewhere else in the world until all of us have houses big enough to take some of it. Also, Geoff I think you can sell my Warhammer stuff. I'd like to see some money, and I never really enjoyed the playing as much as I did the painting... which is funny to say because I hated the minute detail painting =P. But I think its time that was sold and some monies refunded, because honestly you only really need to reprime them, so they shouldn't have depreciated that much. For other cleaning things... I need someone to get those clear plastic electronic drawers so I can sort out all the stupid nails and other bits into piles of like items. It shouldn't actually be hard to clean up that workbench area... just someone willing to cover their hands in copper smelling pointy things for a day or two. Jenn also offered that we do a garage sale, the only problem I see wiht that is waiting until summer/late spring to do it...Other then that i'm not sure I have anything else to say on the matter.

Mmmm, I think i'm out of exciting new things or rants to go on about so i'm going to go watch Duan Juan Demarco!

Quotation of the Day:
"A pun is the lowest form of humor -- when you don't think of it first."
~Oscar Levant

Thursday, January 04, 2007

FINALLY! Re-Solute of the New Year!

After a much and long awaited return to blogger, Alex has arrived! (thanks to elvis leaving the building... not enough room for that much ego... elvis's I mean). And finally after Geoff mentioned it! I have realized that my comment moderation has been set to soemthing funny and that I needed to okay all the comments on my posts! Well now that i'm reading some of the comments for the first time :P, thank you Gabe, thank you Jenn, thank you Colin, and Geoff. Supposedly blogger was supposed to actually send me emails telling me people had commented on things... well... I never got the memo. Anyways onto this posts not quite informative or preplanned message!

Since it is the new year, 2008... shyt... I knew I should of fixed that dial on the time machine (just one moment)... 2007 (that would of really messed up the posting of this post if it was really coming a year from now)... I think its time that we have a Re-Solute from Alex. "Resolution Is the correct term!" WRONG! Re-Solute is the right way to say it because just like most solute reactions under normal conditions you aren't going to see a great number of solute ions reverse back to aqueous form! (in other words i'm going to try and actually keep my re-solutes). Plus the Re- ovbiously comes from the previous years failed attempts (sometimes you just have to start the experiment over again). But here it goes:

1.) Make it to 220 lb... look good... feel good.... buy new clothes... look better then good... prevent early onset of heart attack... feel a lot in better shape to do some physical activity... feel even better then a lot better... (notice the trends).

2.) Become and Artsy (I'll live the wonerous double life of the travelling, starving, tattered SUPER ARTI-EAST whereing once I find a hippie winnabego, as a supplement to telephone booths, i'll become a scientific quantum oriented SUPER ENGI-NERD!!)

3.) Refine #2 to Dancing (yes I'd love to learn how), Painting (learn colours), sketching perspective/humans/animals, jewellery making, harmonica/guitaire playing, singing, photographing, photoshop tinkering, and of course TABLET EXERCISES (if you don't work out those forearm drawing muscles then your going to get cramps in the crunch time).

4.) Get a job... (you lazy bumbkin! by which I mean me... not you).

5.) PAINT! (paint the drama hallway for volunteer hours! I love you Mrs. H)

6.) Write on this blog once again.

7.) Maybe find a girlfriend... I know of several interested parties... maybe I could get interested to...

8.) READ SOME OF YOUR DAMN BOOKS!!!! (read some Immanuel Velikovsky! You've only been looking at the spine for 4 months!)

9.) Find a good digital camera to for #3

10.) Play the Wii

11.) Stop making Re-Solutes before you realize that you have to much to do with your life... (CHECK).

Okay so with that out of the way... lets see things that I haven't talked about for at least a few months. Philosophy: 88 on my essay, 92 on my presentation. Philosophy of Language comparing Noam Chomsky and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Reccomend the former... and possibly the latter if your insane or I don't like you. English: He also loved my presnetations but haven't gotten the marks for my essay or for my presentation (expect them to be low 90s to). It compared Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein and Hominids by Robert Sawyer (my major shared them was that both authors had the first name Robert and both had won almost every literary fiction award possible... I suspect there was some fudging of names and they both got to keep them anways :P). Chemistry: DIE YOU ------TEACHER... SAME FOR MATH!!! Ahem! Drama: Well for obvsious reasons my play didn't make it to searsfest... and I scratched from the musical auditions (though i'm sure I could get a choir spot if I really wanted, but I really would enjoy the acting not choir motif). I could probaly even get a backup dancer spot if I was merely willing, as a guy, to do it. Well its 4:00 AM I'm going to go to bed because I have homework to do tommorow... today... so i'll sign off with 2007's first quotation. This quotation has been my msn name for almost 4 months and I told everyone i'd retire it in the new year. The reason I kept it around for so long is its obvious relvance to myself and I grew fond of it. Secondly, I must have recieved 30 odd comments (by different people) telling me that the quotation helped them put things in perspective (or something constructive). I'm alsot going to put the quotation I wrote for my grad message up here because I like it to:

Quotation of the Day:

"If you wish to be loved, love. For to never stretch out your hand, for fear of it being bitten, is to never be proved wrong." ~Me

Grad Message:
“Life: appreciate it; it is ever changing and so are you. Truth: do not rely on it; it is merely a singular idea, which restrains and detains. Create: create yourself and don’t be content to idle by, stuck in limbo. Love: love who you will as you will and never be afraid to fall. Be: be all you can, then be more then you can, then be who you are. Live; live life, live it for you, live it for me, live it for all those who cannot. Growth: in everything, in anything but only when you look. And Serenity: the beauty of knowing…” ~Me"

Monday, November 20, 2006

Rhetorical Questions


Rhetorical Questions
1.) A question asked solely to produce an effect or to make an assertion and not to elicit a reply
2.) A question, to which no answer is expected, often used for rhetorical effect.
3.) A question asked without expecting an answer but for the sake of emphasis or effect.
4.) A statement that is formulated as a question but that is not supposed to be answered

1.) (in writing or speech) the undue use of exaggeration or display; bombast.
2.) The art or science of all specialized literary uses of language in prose or verse, including the figures of speech.
3.) The art of making persuasive speeches; oratory.
4.)(in classical oratory) the art of influencing the thought and conduct of an audience.

It should only be after thorough reading and comprehension of the above terms and definitions that one should continue to the rest of this reply. I would however like to further define a "Rhetorical Question" as that which has no answer, as this definition is what is commonly taught and verbalized. In response to boisterous laughter last night to my comment, "They are rhetorical questions," I will explore one such question purposed to me, so as to help clarify what it is I obviously wasn't able to articulate.

Example: "Why do you always feel the need to destroy things that aren't yours"

Reasoning: As to why such a comment is rhetorical we must break down the question in such a way that the fallacious thinking is exposed and demonstrated.

1.)"Why do you always":
The word always is a "universal". By which I mean to say that it implies that x is ALWAYS the case. Uses of such words are fallacies because they almost all universal statements are wrong. You most probably will not be able to substantiate such a claim as "x always happens" hence making such a claim is improper because their will most likely be an exception to the universal statement.

2.) "you always feel the need":
This statement is, using Neuro-Linguistical terminology, considered an example of "mind reading". It is improper for one individual to make a comment as to the motivations, desires, thoughts, etc of another individual, unless that person is able to conclusively express how it is they came to possess that knowledge. Hence this statement is also a presupposition in that it implies that the action I was exhibiting was due to me feeling a "need" towards doing it.

3.) "need":
This word is a nominalization. It is an emotion or feeling and hence has no quantifiable quality. Therefore in the context of a discussion, or argument as the case may of been, it has to legitimate use because it is purely a subjective idea.

Similar to the case of "need", the word, "destroy" has no specific reference to the severity of such destruction. Hence is the destruction a micro fissure caused through metal fatigue, or is it burning down the house (it is unknown because it is undefined through the question).

5.) "Things": Again, what “things” are you specifically referencing to. It is presumptuous to assume that a person treats all things in the exact same manner, all the time.

6.) "aren't yours":
Then whose are they? You can't mean to say that a person treats all things that aren't his, even things which he's never come into contact with (such as the Dali Lama's Relics, or perhaps a mountain goat's territory) in the exact same way. Again there is no reference to what the person is speaking of.

In response to the 'obvious' question to the above discussion, context, I argue that such presumptuous ideas on my part lead to miscommunications for both parties. This trend has consistently been shown in history were minor or subjective interpretations have led to wars or other grave consequences. Hence sentences such as the one above are completely subjective leaving no possible purpose beyond me reiterating, for myself, my own subjective interpretation, which could be very different from what the questioner was attempting to infer due to the inherent inspecificity of the sentence.

Therefore in reference to my personal definition of rhetorical questions (a question with no answer), such a question as above qualifies because their is no significant (to the argument) nor truly correct answer (in light that because their are so many right answers, even answers that contradict themselves, that their is no true answer). I will then reference you to the definition of rhetorical questions, 1.) and 3.), whereby the purpose of such a question is purely for emotive response. In this situation the question was most likely used as an intellectual trap, where upon being answered another fallacious analogy or example not encompassed in the answer would be used to 'sufficiently' show the answerer to be wrong. However, again, the lack of specific references makes such an answer impossible, therefore it would be more pertinent for a questioner to qualify his or her statements before making them.

Furthermore in reference to the definitions of Rhetoric, 1.), 2.), 3.), and 4.) the above statement meets all four definitions in that it:
1.) Was exaggeratory by lack of reference, "oh why do you ALWAYS do this";
2.) Used significant forms of sophistry and fallacious thinking (refer to above break down);
3.) Was persuasive in that such a question cannot be answered, leaving in the mind of the questioner and others that the answerer has no answer, hence he or she is wrong;
4.) It sufficiently influenced the group enough such that they themselves did not critically analyze the question.

In conclusion, I hope that was a sufficient summary and definition of "Rhetorical Questions". If you happen to have any questions on which you would like to clarify then I would be happy to discuss it with you in the appropriate setting. Thank you for reading.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I love DRAMA!

(lol this was in the memory bank.... should of been posted about 2 months ago?)

In short... I love drama. This week was an amazing dramatic week. First and foremost Student Wrights went well (at least for me). One of the two adjudicators essentially cut the other one off to say: "I'm sorry... I have to say this... you were really good" [while looking at me, of course]. I also got my share of compliments from other school's drama kids/teachers. Unfortunetly the script, which is student written, is going to need a face lift. It needs to do away with repitition and give the characters justifications. The writer/director is working with her actors (thats good), but she has said many times that she has no idea how to develop my character... SO I get to run wild with it and include all the cynical sarcasim I want *ye won't know what happens*! Unfortunetly... the day we're presenting it is the same day as Mcmaster's fiddling session so i'm going to miss out on that and there probaly won't be any parental units.

The second great dramatic experience this week is thanks to the multitude of drama trips I signed myself up for. On Thursday we went to see "The Babysitter" by Eric Woolfe. It was REALLY good. In short the play was a 18+ (Adult) horror/puppet play that was the telling of "the babysitter" but included over 15 segments or stories of other 'bad babysitters' that all culminated to the "last babysitter." It took parts from 50 different urban legends, horror films, and fairy tales to compose the "legend" of the "last babysitter". The play was very funny but "scary" at the same time... ooooooooooo. I had adult themes (yes that means SEX), but it was definetly funny... ow the cliche boyfriend and girlfriend making out when a murderer comes in... >=). Not only was it funny but it was so theatrically good! The lighting was especially good; for example at one point they made a door glow in an errie blue light. How I wish our lighting kids were good enough to set up gels/filters (has a technical name)/chase sequences to do that (but don't tell them I said that...). Even better then that was the puppetry. When I say that it sounds like it would be a low quality show, but the puppets were handled by proffessional puppeters. There were also a wide variety of puppets, from large 7 foot puppets to table top puppets to hand puppets to shadow puppets. The puppets, I found, made the show just that more realistic... it seemed like the characters were just more believeable because I had to "suspend my disblief" in the beginning (takes about 2 minutes for the puppeters to fade out of your awareness). Then to top that day off! We stayed around for a 30 minute Puppet workshop. It was definetly intresting, not enough to make me want to take up puppeting, but definetly fun. I encourage everyone to go see it, and if you do it on the right day I'll come back with ya! Heres the website:

However to dispell whatever happy notions I had... I got my report card. My average is about 80-81... not good by my standards. I managed to get ever single HARD teacher. It's just annoying... people in any other class have averages that are at least 5-10% higher then mine. For example the other english class had about 90% of it's students with a 95% or higher... thats bullshit. The other Allgeo class has a general "low" mark of 85%. Hell even my chem teacher, who doesn't give us any marks back, suddenly gives me a less then 80%, no reason or justification... no marks from which we can refute it. As I said BULLSHIT.

Well i'm going to sign off... the week wasn't a total loss but as always i'll leave you with a quote (today i'll give you two, one because it's a quote I picked for philosophy class a long time ago and now that we've started religion it's come up again, and the other because I feel the need to display my inner most deepest desires and dreams!)

Quote of the Day:
"If God did not exist, It would be nessicary to invent him."

Friday, November 03, 2006

Survival of the Fittest...

So it's coming down to the wire. Kids seem to be dropping classes left and right. Mid terms are next week and people are hoping to get a no mark and not a zero in the class. It also seems to be the teacher's last push to demoralize students who 'shouldn't' be there (according to the teachers that is). Last week brought many tests... and a few of them were meant to shake you up. For example in chemistry the teacher purposefully made 3/4 of the multiple-choice questions wrong. He'd make impossible questions like what atom is represented by 1s^2 2s^2 2p^7 3s^2 3p^4 (where of course a p orbital cannot have 7 electrons, especially not when their are unfilled valence electrons, and where it was stated the atom was in ground state) or he'd make multiple right answers (i.e. A and E would be the same, yet, correct answer). So for me, it wasn't that difficult, I have the confidence to tell the teacher their wrong... but many people are either unable to or second guess themselves at every turn. It also seems to be that 'epiphany' time where people get the idea that they can't do something, that things are just getting to hard. I don't know about them but I’ve been staying up until 2:00 every night to make sure I do things right and up to par. I can't speak for others but I’m sure many don't go that far, or simply don't approach these things effectively. I don't think I’ve ever had that 'feeling' that I couldn't achieve or do something if I just didn't work hard enough at it (don't get me wrong, I don't have enormous "natural talent" I just have hard headed perseverance and a thirst for knowledge). I guess I could say 'languages', they seem above and beyond me... but I’m trying to remedy that as well. I understand were everyone is coming from though, it's not like grade 12 is easy and I realize that the marks they receive determine the university they get into. But at the same time doing badly on one test, or one assignment isn't going to kill you, if anything it'll humble and humanize you.

On another note next week I get to go do two interesting things. One, I have a field trip for drama =D, and two, I have another field trip for drama because the play I’m acting in is part of sears fest, I get to go and run the script in front of an adjudicator and they'll tell us if the student written script has any merit or not. It's an interesting concept... I'm not sure how my play will do, but I need to memorize the entire thing by wed so I can perform it.

On another another note... I had to write a narrative essay for English... but it turned out to be much more fun then I realized, so I’m going to post what I have here (it's 2nd draftish, so it's not perfecto):

Lucid Reality
The first time a person puts on his glasses his eyes water with a child like awe, he rediscovers the world in which he’s contently idled by, he does a double take and realizes how distorted and twisted his construct of reality really is.

Sitting on the daily bus ride to and from school, I began to spend my time by listening. Listening to people, listening to the world, but on this particular day, listening to a book.

This realization that you’re going to have will most easily teach you to learn and discover and develop yourself more than anything else in this tape.

Kenton Knepper, Neuro-Linguistic Programming teacher to the unknowing, had, on the last CD of his 12 part series, set aside 20 minutes to discuss an idea so profound in it’s implications yet so glaringly obvious that people gloss over it constantly. In only a few seconds a deeper understanding of the world was to hit me like a wall, to shake the foundations of everything I had and was to perceive. It took my hand, leading me up the cave’s passage to a world my eyes had never seen, to a world filled with the shadows of my former but a world in which I was not bound to that singular dimension.

Think about this, know it, understand it, and live with it. Practically ALL words and ideas are in an of themselves Presuppositions and nearly any word or idea ALSO implies the opposite of that word or idea.

After 15 years of learning, 15 years of paving my own path, 15 years of attempting to free myself from this world’s influence, there it was. So cleverly hidden, so ingeniously simple: suggestion. It only took one moment of insight to realize how deeply influenced I had been by everything that surrounded me. What things I focus on when I look into crowd, what clothes I wear, what colour the stop sign is, what words I use to describe things. Indeed, it was obvious now that everything carried an unspoken, implicit suggestion and that each and every suggestion is a reflection of me, the person who has been conditioned by this world to be exactly who he is at this specific moment in time.

My head slowly rose, I turned off the tape and peered out past the hand drawn !PLEH on the window. The world: what a beautiful place, what an ugly place, expansive, yet isolated, colourful but rift with black and white. A world of contradictions and distinctions, a world by definition: Taoist. Was I shocked? No, I was in awe. How misspent my life had been, to spend so long a time not appreciating reality in this fuller conception. How ironically funny, to live for so long and neither see or be able to imagine the sheep’s wool.

Life, it is filled with these ideas, these philosophical epiphanies, but even these philosophies will change with time, with me; everyone receives new prescriptions and will once again be able see a reality composed of new dimensions. However, it is these moments, these realizations that are defining and paramount in one’s journey of life, “The dream was always running ahead of me. To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was the miracle.” (Anais Nin).


So I'll end this post with another QUOTE OF THE DAY:

Quote of the Day:
"Whenever man comes up with a better mousetrap, nature immediately comes up with a better mouse."
~James Carswell

Friday, October 20, 2006

I got the blues... buh bun nuh buh

If you didn't notice... my last post was really about 2 weeks overdue. I wrote it and never acutally published it... But that happens sometimes. So what is new with me this week! Well first of all every night this week i've been up to at least 2:00AM (sometimes 3:30AM) doing homework (so i'm just a little exhausted). Lets see... I had 2 essays to edit and revise into a second draft, and essay to write, a debate in philosophy, a test in math, a test in philosophy, philosophy ISU confrences (a lot of reading of linguitical diaherra to actually understand the philosophies), and almost an english presentation (THANKFULLY was put off until tuesday next week). So needless to say it was busy... that and I had to read multiple plays, for school and for drama.

BUT that brings me to the excitement of this week! I got a part in the up coming theatre shorts drama production. Essentially it's a complimation of 10 or so 1 act plays, possibly playing over 2 nights (not sure of the legistics yet). I was promised a part (since i'm such a magnifico! actor)... but I think I got something that will be fun to play. It's not a humour ridden part, like Sir Toby in 12th night, but it definetly filled with enough cynicism to keep me happy. So my play is a student written and directed play, and I get to play the "hobo". The plot is that this guy was bet x amount of money that he couldn't stay out on the streets with a hobo for 24 hours... so of course he takes a seat at my side. It will require some added theatrical touches (student written and all), but overall it looks like a lot of fun and the rest of the cast looks like they can stomach my sense of humour >=D.

That ALSO brings me to my next cool thing! On wednesday I went to Stratford to see 'Oliver'. Let me just say it was an amazing play. their were at least 7 or 8 children actors as well as the compliment of adults and they were all really good. They all had voices to 'die' for, and the play was just hilarious (oh how I love the comedic relief of london's lower class... inneudo!). But even more interesting and pertinent to my role as a hobo (though I didn't do it for that reason). I bought myself a harmonica from a music shop in Stratford. It's so much fun to actually play an instrument again... i'm not even that half bad... but my goal is to learn to play one jazzy blues song so that I can do it in my role as the hobo (see how my divergent impulsive thinking actually has practical applications!).

However also on the topic of drama... we're looking to get some drama club sweaters... but since a lot of us have been in drama for a while we have the standard one already... so we were thinking about new designs and I of course said we could do an ambigram. So i've unofficially been creating ideas that might possibly go onto a sweater for drama club, which I think would be really cool. So far I'm still trying to come up with a 5-6 letter word that means something to Drama. Which means that the idea behind it is that it says drama to people looking at it but to you who reads it downwards it says some funny phrase or word, like an inside drama joke. So I'm enlisting anyone and everyone to think of drama associated words... the word has to be 5-6 letters (for the word drama) but Drama Club, or Dramatic Arts can also be used. Essentially it shouldn't be more then 1 letter longer or if it's a larger phrase 2 letters.

I think that concludes my week. So like always I will end with a quote of the day.

Quote of the Day:
"I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter. "
~Winston Churchill